About us

actually has to mean "about me". My name is Jan Eichert and I do buggying for many years. Since 2021 I participate in the dutch championships of Buggyclub Holland (BCH) - 2022 I was on 11th place of the european championships at Les Hemmes/France.

Merchantable kitebars have been developed for kitesurfing or snowkiting, not for kitebuggying - that's why many buggiers modify them. Big, long chickenloops (no steel ring), heavy weighted, little usable shift, little depower, non needed floaters. There are some good carbon bars on the market, but very high priced. This is one reason I prefer aluminium: alu is cheaper, easier to work with, always available and just a little bit heavier than carbon. Aside from that, it doesn't break or splinter in case of an accident.

It was my goal to create an affordable bar without compromises. Developed og buggiers for buggiers as well for kitesurfers, foilers and snowkiters.

Except the 3D prints, the whole kitebar is "handmade in Cologne".

Buggiers who do racing usually own many kites. Every single kite needs an individual setup of bar width, line length and steering line length. So it doesn´t make sense to change the bar - a perfect trimmed bar for each kite is much more efficient. It should be connected with the kite all time long for always be ready-to-launch for training sessions or competition.

I do splice lines for a long time and optimized all working steps over the years. For cost reasons I highly recomment to everyone to make your own lines. For those who can´t do that is invited to order them in my shop.